Why are rain gutters important for my home?
Rain gutters are one of the most under-appreciated parts of any house's exterior.  Most homeowners focus on the more visible
components of  siding, windows, or shutters, but it's the rain gutters that do the most protection work for a house.  Moisture is the
most damaging element to a house because so many parts of the house are made from wood and other materials that do not last
long when subjected to prolonged wetness.  Rain gutters are the house exterior's main protection, making them one of the wisest
home improvement investments you can make.

Given the recent uncertainty in the economy, why should I spend money to install gutters or gutter guards on my home?
In reality, this slow economy is exactly the reason that you SHOULD spend the money on your home.  Your home is your most
valuable investment and many homeowners are finding that they are holding onto their home for longer than they had planned.  You
can protect your investment and add years of life and value to your home by making some fairly simple, economical changes such as
adding a seamless gutter and downspout system.  Ask us about other ways that can improve protection and increase the value of
your home.

What are "seamless" gutters?
Continuous rain guttering, also known as seamless gutters, is nationally recognized as the most popular form of guttering; 75% of all
guttering installed through-out the nation is continuous.  The popularity of seamless gutters is due in part to the elimination of
unsightly seams, which in turn, reduces the possibility of leaks.  Other types of gutters (steel and vinyl in particular) are sold in 10'
lengths and require dozens of seams fastened with slip fittings, each one is a weak spot and a potential leak site.  The term
seamless gutters can be confusing because there are seams in the system; however, the seams are only at the corners and
downspout outlets. These joints are fastened more securely and sealed for stability and leak resistance.  The seamless gutter itself
is continuous which makes it both strong and visually more appealing.

What are the risks to my home if I do not have a gutter system or do not repair my current failing system?
Over time, a faulty or non-existent gutter system will cause damage to soffit, fascia, shingles, building foundations, driveways,
walkways, and landscaping.

In addition to being seamless, what other features make Raintaker's gutters a better solution?
We only use premium gutter coil in 5" or 6" sizes with baked on enamel finish which never needs painting. The gutters are formed on
the job site for exact measurements, providing a custom fit for your home or business.  We also offer a variety of colors, giving you
the ability to match gutters and downspouts to exterior siding, brick, and/or trim to further customize your home's look.  To seal our
corners, we use an exclusive gutter sealant not available in the general market.

How do I know when I should replace my existing rain gutters?
Look for signs of rust, broken seams, chipping paint, and water damage to the house and/or landscaping.  Rust will generally appear
as little orange flecks through the paint at gutter seams that are separated and seeping rust from the inside out, and as rust-colored
staining at the end of downspouts.  Damage to the house can appear in the form of water leaks, water erosion of the structural
foundation and landscaping, rotting of decks, windows and doors, and staining of the stucco, brick, and siding.

What advantages does Raintaker offer?
We use only the best materials available within the gutter industry including reinforced hidden screw hangers. Unlike many gutter
companies in the area who use galvanized nails which cause galvanization (a chemical reaction that corrodes aluminum), we use
only zinc-coated screws in our hidden hangers and downspouts are installed using hidden clips as opposed to leader straps. To
ensure proper pitch, levels are utilized.  We also use an exclusive sealant, instead of standard gutter sealant, to ensure that corners
will not leak for years to come.  

We are experienced in all areas of exterior work and can diagnose any potential problems your home may have.  Experience cannot
be over  emphasized.  We have worked with siding and gutters for over two decades and understand how to solve water problems
or, better yet, prevent them from happening in the first place!  Don't settle for unskilled labor that has been subcontracted or hire a
do-it-all company that knows a little about everything but is not an expert in anything.  We KNOW how to handle rainwater!

Why does Raintaker recommend Leaf-Relief®?
When it comes to leaf guards and gutter protection, we have investigated and/or installed numerous products over the years
including Clearwater, Leafguard, Gutter Helmet, and Gutter Glove. Many of these products are bulky, mount to the roof deck,
under-perform by deflecting water, and are not aesthetically pleasing.  Our experience in this field has led us to embrace the
Leaf-Relief Gutter Protection System®.  Ply-Gem backs this product with its own 25-year product warranty.   I always treat my
customer's homes as if they were my own and Leaf-Relief® is what I have installed on my own previous and current home.

How many years has Raintaker been in business?
Raintaker, Inc was formed in 1992 in order to fill a void in the gutter and siding trade, that being a lack of quality and craftsmanship.  
The owner/operator, performs the work himself, has over 25 years combined experience in these trades and the general construction

Is Raintaker fully insured and do you offer a warranty?
Raintaker, Inc is fully insured. View a current sample of our Certificate of Insurance.  Materials used are backed by the
manufacturer's product-specific warranties and Raintaker provides most jobs with a 2-year guarantee on labor provided proper
product care is maintained.

What other factors make Raintaker stand out from the competition?
We don't just install seamless gutters; we provide customers with rain removal solutions custom tailored to meet their individual
needs.  For most people, their home is their greatest asset and we want you to be confident in selecting Raintaker to protect your
home against the elements.  References are always available upon request and many past customers have even submitted
for our site.  

Finally, unlike most other companies, you will speak to and meet directly with the owner who will perform the work.  There are no
high pressure sales people.  For more information about the owner and our business philosophy, view the "
About Us" page on this