As the owner and operator of Raintaker, I can answer that.

My name is Bo Weichel and I have worked in various residential and commercial construction trades for almost 30
years.  Included in those years is hands-on experience in framing, roofing, trim carpentry, vinyl/wood/aluminum
siding installation, and copper/aluminum/half-round seamless rain gutter system installation.  For the past 25 years
I have owned and operated Raintaker, a seamless gutter, siding installation, and exterior home repair business.

The Triangle area has a great deal of competition for your home improvement dollars; however, when making the
right choice for your home, it is important to compare one profession to another rather than just selecting someone
who happens to own a gutter machine.  There is much more to a functioning gutter system than just rolling off

As a homeowner myself, I know how overwhelming it can be to find the right contractor for your project. That's why
I make this commitment to my customers: When you call Raintaker, I am personally on
every job and will perform
all the work on your home just like it was my own.  I only use the best quality materials and it shows in the finished
product.  I have personally been on the other end of the hiring process and have been disappointed and frustrated
by unprofessional workmanship and ethics; you will not have that experience if you hire me for your home or
business project.

From start to the finish, you only deal directly with me, the owner.  We are a small company that can give your
home the personal attention it needs.  In this modern age of "bigger is better", we still feel that when it comes to
your most valuable investment - your home - bigger is definitely NOT always better.  We strive to be the contractor
your friends would recommend to you if they had only found us first!

The bottom line? The gutter and repair business is our livelihood.  We understand the value of satisfied customers,
like yourself, who just want the job done right at a fair price. We have a long list of satisfied customers and will
gladly provide references for your peace of mind.
"Why should I choose Raintaker instead of the competition?"